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FOREIGN CREDENTIAL EVALUATIONS, INC. (FCE) evaluates credentials received from educational institutions abroad (e. g. Licenciado, Maitrise, Diplom) and compares them to degrees from educational institutions in the United States (e. g. Bachelor, Master, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Medicine).


Credentials are evaluated for law firms, universities, and employers on behalf of individuals applying for nonimmigrant visas or placement in educational institutions. Credentials are also evaluated at the request of individuals for the same purposes.

Since 1981 evaluations prepared by FCE have been accepted as authoritative by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (formerly the INS), the Georgia Department of Labor, and institutions of higher education in Georgia and other states.

The evaluations of foreign education credentials by FCE represent the professional judgment of the evaluators who determine the equivalency of the credentials to those offered by educational institutions in the U.S.