Documents required, and to be included with an evaluation application:

  • Original transcript submitted by the applicant or official transcript sent directly by the educational institution that issued the transcript.
  • Electronic copy or photocopy of ALL certificates/diplomas/degree certificates. These MUST be received by our office in order to complete the evaluation.

After the evaluation has been completed, we will do the following with original documents:

  • Original documents submitted in support of an evaluation by an applicant may be returned to the individual who submitted them after the evaluation has been completed. FCE will, however, retain a photocopy of the original documents.
  • Official documents/transcripts issued directly to Foreign Credential Evaluations, Inc. by an educational institution become the property of Foreign Credential Evaluations, Inc. and will not be returned to the applicant.
  • Foreign Credential Evaluations, Inc. reserves the right to refuse to provide any evaluation. If refused, the fees paid for the evaluation will be returned, less applicable consultation fees.

If documents submitted are insufficient for Foreign Credential Evaluations, Inc. to provide an evaluation, the applicant requesting the evaluation will be notified. If additional documentation requested by Foreign Credential Evaluations, Inc. is not provided by the applicant within sixty (60) days, the evaluation request will be cancelled and funds paid by the applicant will be refunded less applicable consultation fees.

After sixty days, any submission for the evaluation will be considered a new request and all documentation will be required along with full payment.


If documents submitted for evaluation are determined to be fraudulent, Foreign Credential Evaluations, Inc. will charge a consultation fee for the research incurred to the point where fraud was determined. Likewise, if misleading translations are provided, similar charges will be levied. The fraudulent documentation and/or translations will not be returned.

In the event there is reasonable evidence that documents presented for evaluation are forged, altered or modified with intent to mislead, the institution or agency to whom the evaluation was to be delivered shall be notified. This includes notification of USCIS if the evaluation was to be presented for visa purposes, the FBI, other relevant government agencies, and the other members of AICE.

Foreign Credential Evaluations, Inc. reserves the right to verify the authenticity of any documents submitted for evaluation.

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