The evaluations of foreign education credentials from Foreign Credential Evaluations, Inc., represent the professional judgment of the evaluators involved in the determination of the equivalency of the credential in terms of the educational system of the United States. The seal of the corporation affirms this.

The two evaluators are:  Beth Cotter and Carolyn Christie.

Beth Cotter holds a B.A. degree in German from Wake Forest University and an M.B.A. degree from Georgia State University. Ms. Cotter has prepared education evaluations from over 140 countries since August 1997. The credentials represent secondary school to post -doctoral levels of education and areas of specialization such as engineering, law, and medicine. Ms. Cotter had eighteen years of corporate experience and eight years of teaching and administrative experience in curriculum development at the post-secondary level prior to joining FCE.

She has been a member of NAFSA:  Association of International Educators since 1999, where she has presented on the following topics:

Presenter, “Review of the Educational Systems of Brazil and Colombia”, NAFSA Region VII Conference, Myrtle Beach , South Carolina, 2004.
Presenter, “An Overview of the Educational Systems of Brazil and Colombia,” GAIE (Georgia Association of International Educators) Winter Conference, St. Simon’s Island, Georgia, February 2006.
Presenter, NAFSA Summer Admissions Institute, Georgia State University, 2006.
Presenter, “Secondary Education in Honduras and El Salvador”, Poster Fair, NAFSA National Conference, Washington D.C., May 2008.
Presenter, “Benchmark Credentials for Undergraduate Admissions,” NAFSA Bi-regional Conference, New Orleans, November 2016.
Presenter, “The Credential Dr. Is In!” NAFSA Bi-regional Conference, New Orleans, November 2016.

Ms. Cotter has also presented for AICE on the following topics:

Presenter, AICE Phoenix Symposium, “Benchmarks for Undergraduate Admissions”, March 2016.
Presenter, ACEI Webinar, “Overview of Benchmarks for Undergraduate Admissions”, May 2016.
Presenter, ACEI Webinar, “German Secondary Education Credentials”, September 2016.

Ms. Cotter was a contributing author to The International Guide: A Resource for International Education Professionals published by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) in 2016.

Ms. Cotter is President of Foreign Credential Evaluations, Inc.


Carolyn Christie holds a B.A. degree in English from Furman University and M.Div. and M.C.M.M. degrees from Johnson C. Smith Seminary. Ms. Christie worked in the corporate world for over twenty years and in education for fifteen years. She currently serves as the Secretary/Treasurer of GAIE: Georgia Association of International Educators.

Ms. Christie is a member of NAFSA: Association of International Educators. Ms. Christie completed the NAFSA Academy for International Educators in 2016 and presented on the following topics at the Bi-Regional Conference in New Orleans in November 2016:

“Benchmark Credentials for Undergraduate Admissions.”

“International Transfer Credit Evaluation.”

Ms. Christie is an International Credentials Evaluator and leads the Evaluation Division at FCE.

Foreign Credential Evaluations, Inc. is a member of AICE:  Association of International Credential Evaluators, Inc.

Each evaluation is signed by the individual who reviewed the credentials submitted. No judgments are made without the full knowledge and approval of the two evaluators. The seal of the corporation assures the recipient that judgment made on the credential is a corporate decision based on the latest published bibliographical materials and internet research. The judgments or opinions given in the evaluation are advisory only, and they are not binding on any institution or agency that may receive them. The evaluators cannot guarantee that the recipient will agree with their judgments.

Foreign Credential Evaluations, Inc. is pledged to provide accurate educational credential evaluations prepared by knowledgeable and committed professional evaluators.

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